Футбол очима вболівальника

British memos. Liverpool’s оn fire. Британские заметки. Ливерпуль в огне

British island continues to live without Premier league football. Teams concentrate on Cup’s clashes and keep nothing else in minds but the opposite to us. We’ve tried to answer on the first actual-champ question before, but it’s perfect time to move on.

The second thought: Is Liverpool able to rich the title?

There was nearly fairytale season for Merseyside club when Brendan Rodgers was man in charge but there are a lot of changes nowadays. With Jurgen Klopp, team becomes great again and last three matches of red side will show us not only the advantages of this guys but also annoying moments.

  • Liverpool – Stoke City 27/12/2016 4:1

Match against Stoke is remembered as brilliant victory of Klopp’s strategy and football point of view. German coach is building team, which could react really fast on ball loosing and press opponent really high. Their main task is to fight ball back as closer as possible to gates of opposite side. And what is even more important to Klopp and for Liverpool as well – never give up.

They missed first goal at the match in 12 minutes from the start by Walters’ header, but Liverpool keep going and seeking for a win. Till the halftime whistle it was 2:1 advantage for Klopp’s team. There were 4:1 after fulltime and a lot of sweet champion’s dreams in head of fans and footballers.

  • Liverpool – Manchester City 31/12/2016 1:0

After impressive performance against Stoke there was much greater challenge for Liverpool to face Manchester City. Josep Guardiola’s camp is also looking for the title and showing good work with and without ball.

Early goal by Georginio Wijnaldum has made this game for Liverpool. Reds’ve showed everyone that they can start well and make opponents play their football in the rest of the game. As the result Liverpool win their third match with clubs from top-6 also played in draw with Manchester United and Tottenham. Klopp knows how to play against strong sides and how to play on Enfield. Liverpool hasn’t lost any of home matches in this season.

  • Sunderland – Liverpool 02/01/2016 2:2

There wouldn’t be any doubt in Liverpool’s force if there weren’t matches like this. Yes, it’s never easy to play tree games in seven days but if you want to become champions, you couldn’t lose points with nearly bottomed Sunderland.

Everybody would agree that Liverpool deserve win in the game against Moses’s team. 21 shots and 13 saves from goalkeeper, two penalties in their Mignolet’s gates and late goal by Defoe from the spot. But it’s the greatest problem of Liverpool – sometimes they can’t win games in which they dominate a lot. Bournemouth, Southampton, Burnley – these matches have had to end by Liverpool’s victory, but not.

So there is no other question about Liverpool’s possibility to stay in title race except: “Will they stop to lose points in easy games?” If yes – Klopp could reach his first trophy in England, no – Champions league will be also a great deserve to club from Merseysides.

Вторая часть англоязычной АПЛ и вопросы все тот же: «Понравилось ли, достойно ли, хочется ли еще?» Если «да» или даже «однозначно», то не сдерживайте себя и дайте знать. Коль уж нет, то писать я, конечно же, не перестану, но критика зачастую бывает ох какой полезной.


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