Футбол очима вболівальника

British memos. What about Chelsea? Британские заметки. А что по поводу Челси?

Pause in the British championship is really needed today. Why? Because there are a lot of questions in minds of thousands fans and we need some time to search the answers.

First one: Is Chelsea as good as they supposed to be?

Team of Antonio Conte is leading in the Premier league with 49 points after superb 13-game winning streak. It wasn’t a new record of the League just because one thing – defeat to Tottenham. And if Pochattino and his squad could stop Londoners, why others couldn’t?

There was a lot of luck in winning trip of blues. Does everybody remember match against Man City and all of wasted moments near the gates of Соurtоіs? Guardiola was better than Conte in that match, but football is the roulette.

I don’t want to say that Chelsea is a bad team, on the contrary.

  • Offensive.

They have really good wings with Hazard, Willian and Pedro changing each other closer to attack and new-opener Moses with Marcos Alonso soaring whole flanks. The most crucial thing of Londoners’ offensive is combination of really high speed and delicate technic. Let’s back to City match. Second and third late goals full only of two components: speed and technic.

  • Center.

Matic, Fabregas and Kante into the middle give Conte an opportunity to choose what kind of football he wants to bring into the field. Matic plus Kante means cool mind defense but not such a big variety in attacking decisions which can be brought by Fabregas.

  • Defense.

As we see, there isn’t any problem for Chelsea to play in tree defenders. Cahill, Luis and Azpilicueta play with good understanding of what they have to do in the field, having less partners in a line. Brazilian international doesn’t ashamed to start attack using long and medium passes, Cahill try to help in front on the standards and do it well, when the Spaniard can play either in style of calm full back or smart attack-starter. And also all three know, that they can expect help from teammates. Moses and Alonso go deeper when they need be back and the same thing to Kante and Matich but in center.

  • Goalkeeper.

Cоurtоіs is just Cоurtоіs. He is much better than in previous season, but he is world-class goalkeeper so nothing unexpected from Belgian, just pretty good work and only 15 missing goals in 20 games (second result in the League after Tottanham, 14).

  • Costa.

We can’t talk about Costa just like about striker. At this season he is more than that. He is the hero. After Mourinho, nobody believe, that we would see again that Costa which was in Atletico and champion Chelsea season. Now he has brilliant statistic: 19 games, 14 goals and 5 assists. And in 5 games Chelsea should thank him for winner goals. Costa is in shape, Costa is in fit, Costa is on fire.

So will Chelsea fight for title in this season? Definitely, yes. Why not? Yeap, they would lose matches like it was with Tottenham but football in not just all about winning.

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