Футбол очима вболівальника

British memos. Tottehham’s ambitious. Британские заметки. Амбиции Тоттенхэма

Premier league has come back! I can congratulate you and expect the same from you. We’ve already talked about incredible Conte’s Chelsea and not worse Liverpool of Klopp, but have a lot to think about, though.

Frankly speaking, London is the most football city in the world: Chelsea, Arsenal, West Ham, Crystal Palace, Fulham and, of course, Tottenham. The team of Mauricio Pochettino shows wild attacking and strong defensive football at the same time. So, what would be our question for today?

Has Tottenham grown up to the level of serious force which can be real title contender?

  • Personalities.

If you want to have a team, which would find their goals – you should have a man, who could lead them to these objectives. And Tottenham has him and even them. Let’s start from the beginning or from the back. Defenders have to be trust in their goalkeeper and believe that behind them there is a man who also can save the team. When you have Hugo Lloris as the last possible hero, you could keep calm. France international has the best save shots percentage from inside the area in Premier league, as well.

Walker, Vertonghen, Dier (who often sits back when team restructure for 3-4-3 in offensive) Alderweireld, Rose create really strong defensive line even best in the league. Tottenham has less conceded goals than any team in the championship. But neither they nor goodness duo of Wanyama and Dembele in the middle are the main spirit makers in Spurs.

Alli – Kane – Eriksen.A.K.E. –if you want to. This trio can drive Tottenham’s charge together. Alli has scored seven goals in his last five PL games, Kane after poor start has nearly equalised with the best PL goalscorer having 13 on his name and Eriksen is the second chance creator in PL and the second assistant. Fantastic offensive line, isn’t it?

  • Coach.

Mauricio Pochettino supposed to be one of the smartest coaches in the Britain if not in the world. He has his contract till 2020 and also has full credit from the council of club. His players enjoy playing for Tottenham as well as for Pochettino’s side and have signed long-term contracts proving it.

It’s really good idea from him to change formation of his team depends on is it attack or defense. They have 4-2-3-1 when need to back ball and after that it became 3-4-3 with Dyer sits back and Rose with Walker help their teammates forward. 5 assist from Kyle and 2 goals plus 4 assists from Danny show us the results of this manipulation.

  • Problems.

Tottenham has awful statistics in games with clubs from top-6. Only two win in 6 matches isn’t enough to be patient. Loses with Chelsea and MU, draws with Liverpool and Arsenal. But at the same time they took nearly all points from “easy matches”, contrary to Liverpool.

Having few top players on the bench you couldn’t be assured that one injury wouldn’t broke the rest of the season. Substitutions of Tottenham are telling us a lot. They are really and really late: 11 of the last 15 were in the final 20 minutes of the match, when everything was done. Does Spurs need few singing? I don't think so, but nobody can tell for sure. If everything would be okay with Son Heung-min, Janssen, Sissoko and others, if they would grow up and believe in theirself, Spurs would have bright future.

It’s seems like Tottenham is a perfect team to win the title. They have intelligent coach, talented and youth squad, strong support and nothing bad with finances. But have they become title challenger in two seasons? Absolutely. Something went wrong for them last season, but time changes.


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