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I don’t know why it came like this, when I wrote it was paragraphed and I can’t find the edit option!! :/ sorry

Alex I totally agree with both your comments.
Just_Odessa - no, I was taught Ukrainian but never Russian. My family in Ukraine only speaks Ukrainian.

Last season is a prime example of this, they were quiet away behind Metalist at this stage, even behind Dnipro toward the end. I agree they have enough to come back and fully expect them to be there fighting for the title in the latter stages of the campaign.
It will be interesting to see what happens with Lucescu however, if he takes the Romania job or another challenge, or if he stays with Shakhtar. I dare say he will be at Shakhtar until the end of the season but after that, there are doubts.

You are correct! Thanks for letting me know! The Metalurh Zp academy has produced some really good players recently!

Реклама 18+
Реклама 18+
Реклама 18+
Реклама 18+