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Ukrainian Football in English / Голосуйте🗳️ за центральний півзахисник у нашому @FFUKRAINE команда десятиліття 2010-2019!

f yesterday was tough, today is ridiculous. We’ve got some of Ukraine’s best current players against an all-time great in central midfield. It is a difficult choice to make with the central midfield congested between defensive, mixed and attacking options. Just check the list of roles of football manager and you’ll understand how many possibilities and styles there are for this role. Luckily, you only have to pick from four, but it is like being a kid in a candy store only allowed one sweet! The choice is yours…

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|Автор PChymera

Ukrainian Football in English / Left Back - Ukraine Team of the Decade

We have a goalkeeper and Right back, it is time to pick the left back. It is a position Ukraine have been strong in, Andriy Nesmacnhyi and Serhiy Popov being prominent holders of the position, now who has been your man for the last decade? There are only three players who have fit our criteria. Head on over to Twitter now to vote for your left-back!

Эдуард Соболь, Вячеслав Шевчук, Евгений Селин
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|Автор PChymera

Ukrainian Football in English / Right Back - Ukraine Team of the Decade

After Andriy Pyatov’s appointment to the number one jersey. It is time for you guys to pick! The first choice is Right Back. All Ukrainian full-backs live in the shadow of Oleh Luzhnyi. We’ve picked four candidates out of the eligible 6 for you to choose from.

Богдан Бутко, Олег Гусев, Артем Федецкий, Александр Караваев
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I don’t know why it came like this, when I wrote it was paragraphed and I can’t find the edit option!! :/ sorry

Alex I totally agree with both your comments.
Just_Odessa - no, I was taught Ukrainian but never Russian. My family in Ukraine only speaks Ukrainian.

Last season is a prime example of this, they were quiet away behind Metalist at this stage, even behind Dnipro toward the end. I agree they have enough to come back and fully expect them to be there fighting for the title in the latter stages of the campaign.
It will be interesting to see what happens with Lucescu however, if he takes the Romania job or another challenge, or if he stays with Shakhtar. I dare say he will be at Shakhtar until the end of the season but after that, there are doubts.



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Реклама 18+
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