Ализе Джонсон из «Пэйсерс» сделал сюрприз для мамы, подарив ей дом

Форвард «Индианы» Ализе Джонсон сделал сюрприз для мамы.

Джонсон привез маму и других членов семьи к дому, который купил для нее.

«Вместе с семьей мы прошли через все, было хорошее и плохое. Мы никогда не подводили друг друга, я никогда не допущу такого, никогда.

Я стараюсь ради семьи. Ради них я жертвую каждый день и работаю. Хочу видеть улыбки на их лицах», – заявил 24-летний Джонсон.

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God never seems to amaze me. I have been through everything with my family, both good and bad times. We have never given up on each other, I would never allow it, EVER! My family is the reason I go so hard. The reason I sacrifice everyday and continue to put in work. I just want to see a smile on their faces. Today I surprised them with a New House I always dreamed about living in myself, but I’m taking care of them first because without them, there’s no Alize. When my second motor kicks in that everybody loves about me on the court, I’m thinking about them. It’s a feeling I can’t describe, it just takes over. I start reflecting back on how I came up and where I am today. I spent so many long hours grinding and my eyes filled with tears of fears of not getting everything I want in life. I’m glad I was built different because I never folded in any situation that looked impossible to complete. I went and got it done. I stayed humble and just Believed in myself. I’m not ending this without saying I still got more work to do, but I’m going to act a fool in this house until I get my own!

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